Company Description

Camaloon is a Tech company that focuses on providing the best designer tool in the market to be able to print a growing variety of products. We strive to make design and designing accessible to every small business. We do not make bits only, we have our own factory in Barcelona and a network of suppliers that print products and ship hundreds of boxes every day to many countries around the world. In order to streamline our operations, we are also developing a logistical and production software platform.

Job Description

At Camaloon we are looking for you:

You are an absolute passionate of internet products and services. You are always testing innovative products and thinking of elegant and simple solutions to customer problems. You have an entrepreneur soul. At the same time, you have the skill and training to design great web user interfaces with a strong focus on usability. 

You are always following the latest trends on Internet web design and application design and have developed your own criteria.

You have strong opinions, though you are able to reason and reconsider them.

You can build fast proof of concept ideas, mockups and clickable prototypes.

You are able to think out of the box, create and maintain a coherent product vision and a scalable design concept/framework.

You have great attention to detail and always create pixel perfect end designs with all necessary resources and support for frontend developers to implement it.

You understand and work naturally with multiplatform and multidevice design frameworks.

You A/B test most of what you do and fastly react to UX mistakes.

You are interested and focused on business results from each design you do.

You are a team player, and are willing to get involved in multidisciplinary content and product teams and restlessly defend the product vision.



Seniority Level

Mid level

Compensation type

€30k - €40k

Collaboration type


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