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We would like to work with a junior UI/UX Designer eager to learn as much as possible during a 6 months period internship with us. 

Our platform platform currently caters to at least three different user types and we onboard these different user types generally on different flows with different key steps to completed. As you can imagine the platform is not simple and requires a very clear UI/UX designed at the platform level.

It is fundamental as such to have somebody with the following skills:

- A very analytical mindset: when too many flows exist it is fundamental to simplify everything and give an extremely simple experience to the user.

- Detail oriented: everybody asks that, but believe me when I say that I mean it. Less is more and that "little" needs to be cristal clear. Perfection is generally what we try to attain, although of course things at times are not that simple (especially because none of us is a UI/UX designer today).

- A love for art: we learned over time that UI and UX are very seperate things. The first one of course impacts the UX, but at the same time in a flow you can have a great UX with a very poor UI in terms of details. We are looking for somebody that also cares about the UI and it is able to express the values of our brand through colours and shapes.

- Open to feedback: our experience is that nothing comes out well on the first take. Expect to have loads of interactions even on small elements. If you can't take it, then this position is not for you. It is through iterations that we learn. The more we iterate, the more we learn. It's that simple.

- A love for helping people: our mission is to help people express their true talent. If you think you are attuned to this, we'd love to talk to you!

- English is a must have. It's fundamental as all our copy is in English. In the office we speak a variety of languages, including Spanish :)

- Somebody that loves taking initiative: don't wait for somebody to tell you what to do. We need somebody that comes up with what is necessary to do and go and does it. 

We are looking for somebody to join us either on a full time (preferred) or part-time basis in a 6 months internship. We love team-work, but of course focused time alone we see it as fundamental too.

At the end of the internship period if things worked out well we would love to offer a full-time contract to the person we select.


Barcelona, Spain

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€4k - €6k

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