Company Description

Bacco is the solution to allow people who travels to other cities or countries to live through authentic local experiences.

Huge market. Millennials, our biggest generation is also the most traveling generation. Big cities are experimenting tourist zone massification.
Small businesses are not able to reach the big audiences. Consumers do not have the opportunity to enjoy all that city offers.

Bacco generates added value by intelligently matching traveling people with similar local profiles.
We overcome tourism zone massification by approaching young travellers to local experiences, making them available to enjoy best city opportunities.

We want to build a better future and we rely on technology to make it possible.

Job Description

We are looking forward to develop the new functional web. 


  • Mid/senior level in Javascript frameworks for the frontend layer (like angular or react).
  • Mid/senior level in NodeJs

We need someone with good background to manage the development of our system.
We want to complete the first version in 4 months.

We will value not only the result but also the commitment in the project.
The fullstack developer have the opportunity to become CTO in future and get as granting stock options of the company.


Barcelona, Spain or Remote

Seniority Level

Mid level

Compensation type

€25k - €30k + equity

Collaboration type

Employee, Freelance

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