Company Description

We are relatively new and fast-growing company, providing apartment management service to owners who want to maximize their benefits from renting apartments but don´t have time to do so.
Instead, we manage the apartments on their behalf, putting our passion for caring in everything we do: in our relationship with the owners, with the guests and last but not least with our employees.
Our team is very young and international, thus we experience a unique group dynamic in everyday work, which allows us to achieve excellent results through collaboration, innovation, empowerment and joy.

Job Description

As an hotel management intern, you will be working in Barcelona226, our small "hotel" which has 12 rooms and 26 apartments. Barcelona226 has a team of 8-10 people, including 3 managers.

What should you expect?

  • Reservations and booking management
  • Preparing, serving and clearing after breakfast
  • Opening and closing the hotel reception
  • Calling and e-mailing with guests for a variety of reasons, to introduce yourself and build relationship, up sell, get arrival information etc.
  • Doing check-ins and check-outs, as well as handling customer requests and questions during their stay
  • Coordinating the maintenance and cleaning teams to ensure things are fixed on time and apartments cleaned at the right times
  • Selling tickets, experiences, restaurant visits, etc. to our guests
  • Preparing apartments for our guests, based on the information we have gathered on them
  • Handling different smaller errands for the back and front office.

And these are the extra responsibilities which you will be given while working with us:

  • Scheduling
  • Being Sales responsible, and therefore tracking and finding ways for the team to improve
  • Being Cleaning and Maintenance responsible, being on top of the cleaning and maintenance responsible, ensuring we have a quick turnover rate for reported maintenance issues and that all apartments are cleaned to a high standard and on time.
  • Being U-nique Check-in responsible, ensuring that all our guests receive the same high service and unique check in experience personalised for them, and that we keep improving and get even better.
  • Being Reviews responsible, making sure the team is actively asking for reviews from our guests, tracking and analysing reviews and finding improvement points.
  • And more.

What do we expect?

  • Work weeks are 40 hours spread over 5 days, under normal circumstances. This might be changed under special occasions, but then you will recover the time later. The average will always be 5 days and 40 hours a week.
  • You work all 7 days a week, which days you have off will vary every week and they will not necessarily be two days in a row. Working hours will normally be from either 08-16, 10-18 or 13-21, but will also change every now and then.

What do we offer?

  • Fun and family-like working atmosphere
  • Lots of responsibilities and possibility of puting your ideas into practice
  • You will earn 2 holidays per month you work with us (besides your weekly days off)
  • All official bank holidays
  • Mobile data allowance
  • You are guaranteed 300€/ month*. An intern earns money on sales and late fees throughout the month. If these two variables plus the fixed salary (of 150€ for the first 4 months, then increasing by 50€ per month till it reaches 450€ after the 10th month) does not exceed 300€ for a full month, the company pays the remaining amount up until 300€**

*This does not count in the first or last month of the internship, if an internship is started or completed half way through a month, and the last salary ends on an odd amount of less than 150€, then the guarantee will not be in effect.

**This also does not count in case the intern refuses to do a late check in during the month.


Barcelona, Spain

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