MELLER is a leading digital native brand selling unique watches and sunglasses in over 25 countries. We are a young and talented team passionate about design, fashion, internet and new technologies. With more than 500.000 MELLER products travelling around the world thanks to our happy customers, our mission is not over yet. We will keep growing, following our vision and working hand in hand to preserve our values and integrity, above all. You can find us in our Barcelona offices, our 100 selected stores and everywhere online at MELLER aims to break away from traditional forms with a new line of minimalist and timeless watches and trendy sunglasses. Both watches and sunglasses are based on a modernistic design enhanced with a certain exotic MELLER appearance. The result is an explosion of colours which communicates a certain way of being and a lifestyle. Our products are of the highest quality while also being fairly priced and are created for wild and adventurous urban spirits.