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What’s Fluttr?

Why Fluttr? Why now?

The easy answer is that we saw a problem and wanted a solution.

Or more specifically, we experienced the same problem, repeatedly… And, we’re not the only ones. This particular problem is the hiring process and it impacts anyone who’s ever wanted a job.

Recruitment is stuck in the past. And, we believe companies and candidates are ready for a better way. Farewell to myopic focus on CVs and interviews!

‘Great on paper’, isn’t automatically super in real life. And, ‘amazing in an interview’, won’t always wow you in the office. Who can’t read interview tips and shine for an hour? Maybe even outshine the one who didn’t read the tips but is ace on the job?

How do you look beyond CVs and interview skills? This was the question.

Technology delivered the solution. Data science, job simulations and gamification through our platform means seeing candidates clearly, without bias. From real skills to motivation, our clients get the best indication of how an employee will actually perform in work. Beyond that, it becomes easy to see how they will fit the work culture and the true depth of their capabilities.

Getting the right candidate works for the company, and the candidate. Happy employees, in the right career are productive, engaged and a positive asset for any company.

Fluttr means focusing on the right candidates, always.

Try our solution!

Amleto & Alessandro


Amleto Montinari

Amleto Montinari

CEO & Co-Founder

With a deep passion for progress, science and philosophy, Amleto was struck by the lack of evolution in the recruitment process. Inspired to bring a more human focus back, he created Fluttr. Prior to this, he was VP of Strategy at JP Morgan in London and has covered a variety of senior roles in Product Management both in JP Morgan and PayPal. Amleto is the proud father of two gorgeous children that keep him entertained when he is not working. Read more about Amleto’s vision for Fluttr and the world here...

Alessandro Franzi

Alessandro Franzi

CTO & Co-Founder

Alessandro has been passionate about technologies since he was 15 years old. A native Italian, he spent 8 years in Milan working as Technical Leader for enterprise companies before becoming CTO in a fintech startup. Then, Barcelona called! After moving to his new city, Alessandro joined forces with Amleto to create Fluttr and start to change the world of recruitment. He enjoys challenges in work and life, surf and travel with Beta (his dog).