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Fluttr is the only social platform that helps you to create real life connections with people that share your same interests, passions and talents

Why Fluttr

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  • Fluttr application

"Do you believe that whatever you want to do in life, one of the most important things is finding the best people that can help you do it? Do you feel that finding these people is many times a matter of sheer luck?

Fluttr is the only social network that was created with a social mission: to help people with the same interests, passions, talents and expertise discover each other and by doing so, to get them a step closer to their own dreams."

Key features

From Jobs to Passions


Geo-localization. Fluttr is built on the concepts of geo-localisation and proximity. So you meet people like you around you.

Local Communities of Interests. Local communities are based on shared interests and talents. So that you are always matched with people like you.


Community feeds. You join local communities that interest you. Each community produces its own feed. So you only see what interests you.

Knowledge sharing platform. Local communities can create a wealth of specialistic knowledge to share with the rest of the world.

Users and their passions at centre stage
From Jobs to Passions


High quality promise. We are TIRED! of all the useless stuff we see on other social media. So we promise that you will see none of that on Fluttr.

Rewarding quality. Users that contribute the most to the life of communities are rewarded and given access to special features.

  • Esperanza Martinez

    “Fluttr for me is a door as well as a window. It is like transforming into Alice and finding yourself transported in a Wonderland of professional collaboration”

    Esperanza Martinez, our most beloved user
  • Barcinno

    “Fluttr is a mobile-first platform that helps you meet people with the same interests, to discuss topics you love in a group with people that care about the same things as you”

    Marco Sirago

    “Fluttr helps me connecting with new people everyday. It's really helpful for people that recently moved to a new city to connect with like-minded people”

    Marco Sirago, Sales manager
    Gustavo Gomez

    “Fluttr is a game changer tool for local communities. My favourite definition of Fluttr is: Making Talents & Passion part of your life's objective”

    Gustavo Gomez, Process Excellence Lead
    John Reumerman

    “Fluttr it's a great opportunity to actually get to know people and discuss interesting topics with tem and get feedback on you own ideas and questions”

    John Reumerman, Head of Marketing
Barcinno Betalist Fideagency Startup Grind Startup Weekend

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